Monday, September 16, 2013

50 Signed up for 5 Day Silent Retreat

I finally made up my mind to sign up for 5 Day Silent Retreat in Ojai, CA, January 2013.

Who would've thought that I could afford to travel to US (and to take a course) only after 6 months I last visited?

And to take 5 days off straight from my new work right after the long winter break, and leaving 9-year old daughter behind?
It was crazy enough because the move cost me a lot already, and soon-to-settle divorce would cost me a fortune.
(Actually who would've thought that the stranded divorce case would be moving and settling without trouble?)

After all it's all my mind that believed it must be "impossible" and "selfish".

Again, all it took was to ASK. Hello, didn't that sound familiar? 

It was that simple! 

My boss at work said, "no problem!" to my leave without questioning.  (Conveniently, I was allowed to take paid vacation starting from January.)
And my Mom and a family friend readily agreed to take care of my daughter during my absence. Most of all my daughter said it's OK for me to go alone!

So all these favorable conditions paved the way for my healing trip to California physically.

My next concern was the cost, so I asked my large self, God, the universe for help. 

Believe it or not, one luck after another, the whole trip cost became almost half by good fortune. 

I found the best price air-ticket to begin with, and sold things out of my closet for unexpectedly high price. Fortunately, the currency and the gold (some gold jewelry in my closet turned out to be valuable!) was at the most favorable rate for me.

Moreover, I was so lucky to get 2 illustration jobs from L.A., which I could turn in myself timely. So grateful!!
Of course balance is important, but we should not get sidetracked by money too much, when  pursuing the real valuable things in life.

Like Lola says, it's all "story". It only takes "intention" to make anything happen.

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