Wednesday, September 18, 2013

51 Signs

To look back, all my life I had been searching for "signs" to follow because I was terrible at making decisions. (I was such a fatalist.) Now I know that signs are only spin-off manifestation of our intention or belief. 

Since I had totally relied on "signs", I made my reality ruled by them all these years. Gosh, how much misguided my life had been! I mean, what I learned from Divine Openings was that signs are not wrong, but not ALL. It is very tricky because what you see in your world is created by what you want to believe, thus we tend to believe that signs are proofs of something.

For example, Lola describes in a funny way, something similar to these:
If you bumped into someone attractive twice a day in the strangest places doesn't mean he/she is "the one", or if you keep seeing the same number sequentially in a day and someone attractive (again) showed up in a car with the number plate which had the exact same number wouldn't mean he/she should marry you. Ha ha, sounds somewhat familiar? Or only me?

What we got to do is intending rather than being passive and looking for signs! Of course, before making intentions, we have to listen to what our heart is telling us first. This might be the hardest part because "intelligent" and "wise" thinking could interfere with our true desires.

But I have to confess that I wanted to believe in the white mark appeared on my pointing finger, which is supposed to mean "luck with travel" when deciding to sign up for 5 Day Silent Retreat

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