Saturday, May 31, 2014

72 Aural fullness

Speaking of physical issues, aural fullness has been bothering me for about 3months. It happens every morning on the way to work, then it disappears when I don't notice during the day. Obviously it got to do with stress at work, since it only happens during the week without fail,  although it sometimes happened on weekends, when I went out taking a train in the morning (probably conditioned reflex).

It is strange because I don't feel stressed going to work. Actually I like my work. But my left ear becomes stuffy, which seems to imply that "I don't want to hear" maybe someone sitting on my left? Nevertheless,  the gentleman on my left is very nice and keeps good company with me.

Anyway, I observe the moment it happens every morning, and look forward to the day it won't happen. Sometimes it started even I before I left home, or sometimes it didn't start until I transferred to the last train to work. (I usually take 3 trains).

And finally the day has finally arrived! I appreciated so much that I started work with clear hearing. How comfortable it was! How wonderful it feels if body functions normal! 

It must be the Yoga class I attended last night. Besides swimming, Yoga was one of the things I've been wanting to do but never made the extra efforts to make it happen for years. Now that I'm supposed to exercise to reduce pain in my ribs among other physical issues, and my family is supporting me for the luxury after work.

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