Saturday, June 7, 2014

73 Series of coincidences

I'm familiar with coincidence and manifestation, but it's always exciting if it happens, and more exciting if it keeps happening.

This series happened during the mid week of May. It started from a small manifestation.

Recently I was thinking of buying a good salt, as a health conscious person replacing most things in the kitchen shelf with organic ones but salt. I realized it's because I was not supposed to take salt when I first I started Dr. Schulze's diet, and I was still living in the past.

Then I thought of this salt, Fleur de Sel (salt flower) of Camargue, France, which used to be my favorite. I was visiting south of France frequently during 1999-2002, and it was one of the must item from the era. 

 I love the package design, the cork lid, and of course the salt itself. "Just a pinch of it makes any food taste better like a magic", said a friend in Paris, who was a great cook, as introducing me this magic salt.  Later on I had a chance to visit Camargue when studying in Avignon, and loved the idyllic scene, just like the painting on its package.

Anyway, displaying this salt in my kitchen reminds me of good life, the days when I was free and healthy, didn't worry about illness or money, but purely enjoyed good food. Sad to say I only care what's less harmful and inexpensive nowadays.

Then a few weeks later when I came home, this salt was sitting on our dining table!

I got flabbergasted and asked my daughter how in the world this salt got here. She said that it was given by her friend's Mom. Yes...they recently moved back from Paris. But did I ask her to get that specific item for me? No. It's a pure coincidence. I felt blessed.

Another surprise was, my mom brought me a part of my long-lost memorabilia. When I moved out from my parents' house, I selected my old photos, letters, awards and stuff from the childhood to pack in a stock box, and later I was told that it disappeared. I was so upset about it, and even suspected that it must have been thrown away on purpose by my brother who still lived there and had hoarding disorder.

Sure enough, my brother, all of a sudden pulled out dusty things from his piles and told Mom to return to me. Obviously they were the part  of my lost things, but not in the box any longer, and awfully dusty and moldy.

It was such a happy surprise, but at the same time with a little bit of anger to him for not telling me about this all this time, and not apologizing. And also invasion of privacy...
But I dared say nothing but thanked him. He said, "good thing they still existed." unapologetically.

At the time I cut down the items to as less as possible, torn up inside to throw away so many things with memory, but now I looked at them, I don't have attachment to most of them. I once gave up on those, too, and I have much less attachment to things in general.

Lastly, I kept bumping into people on the train. But the funniest one is, I bumped into someone, which was like the odds of winning the lottery. A Silent-retreater friend posted on Facebook saying his partner would be visiting Tokyo for the first time, with a photo. Well, when I was working late and about to get on the train, a familiar looking guy just stepped out, with the same exact costume that I'd seen on FB. I called to him right away and shook hands. (Later on we got together for a fun and healthy lunch)

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