Monday, June 9, 2014

74 Giving advice to a cancer colleague

Recently, a co-worker took a long sick leave. After a month she came back and said she had to take another one. Turned out, she had ovarian cancer and had hystero-oophorectomy, and after the biopsy, she was diagnosed as cell cancer. 

She was sitting close to me when I started working, observing me how I set up my work station with two thermos full of raw veggie juice and a couple of bins of Dr. Schulze's herb extracts, and curiously studied my lunch-box full of raw veggies and fruit, with weird powder (for colon cleansing).

I told her my story, and she was all interested and told me she was hoping to find a solution without chemical treatments, as she was supposed to decide how to proceed with chemo therapy soon.

I didn't mean to brain-wash her, but couldn't help to tell her that there are many options other than chemical treatments. In her case, she didn't know anything about natural healing or spirituality, but interestingly, she found that her dentist could perform energy healing just because she told him about her situation and the fear for the damage by chemo therapy. She said he was the first one to agree with her and told her there would be options, too. 

Whatever she chooses is best for her, so I decided not to push anything on her. She has been searching for her own path, started looking within as well as outside for help, such as energy healing.

So now I have someone at work that I can share my thoughts and experiences with. 

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