Sunday, May 19, 2013

03 There must be a way to cure in healthy way

"You must be crazy. You got to take chemotherapy as your doctor recommended!" 
"You can't be selfish because you have a child to take care of!"
"You'll be sorry."

Those were the words I received from my mother, doctor, and my friends when I told them that I was thinking of declining chemical treatment and go for natural cure.

It was over a year ago when I took sentinel lymph node biopsy and mastectomy,  and found that my cancer was in advanced stage, thus suggested the full course: chemotherapy, hormone treatment, and radiation treatment.

Honestly, I just simply didn't understand the concept that chemical treatment is a must for prevention of recurrence even if no cancer found in PET/CT. How can most of people accept and take as suggested? 

There must be a way to cure in healthy way than to kill cancer cells (which is not 100% effective anyway) with side effects which could severely damage you both physically and emotionally! 

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