Tuesday, May 28, 2013

05 I decided to "BE HAPPY" and things started to happen

Before listing all the healthy "methods" to cure disease, I would like to state what I believe most: Being happy cures it all.

Yes, it is the ultimate natural cure. And all the methods could be led by it to support. I'm not 100% there yet, but keep tipping my nose up everyday. 

It's said that it takes about 10 years for breast cancer to form big enough to be found. I can tell that the10 years was the most stressful period of my life. But about 3 months prior to the diagnosis, I finally started to put myself together and decided to "BE HAPPY".

Ever since I decided so, things started to happen. I reconnected with my old spiritual friends, inspired and introduced what I needed to read, etc. I was deeply influenced by spiritual way of living when I lived in California in late '80s to '90s, and finally got back to the mode after 10 years of detachment from it. I finally accepted that I was angry, blaming others, victimizing myself, etc.

And when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, deep down, I wanted to believe, although it felt ironic and terrible, that it must have happened for a good reason. 

However, It was very hard to take it because I had no idea about the disease. I'm not from a cancer family or knew no one close to me had it. I was barely getting by at the time with a child of 8 years old, moved out and struggling to make the divorce. Also I just bravely set a dream to go back to California where my heart still belongs to, to start over, but as I heard the diagnosis the image broke down with loud crashing noise in my head.

To make matters worse, my mother, who I depended on to support us became ill and on wheel chair that time. It broke my heart to tell her about my health, knowing it would aggravate her status. 

But MIRACLES started to happen... or I started to take things as miracles finally.

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