Thursday, May 30, 2013

06 Mom

Though she could have easily fallen into the most pessimistic state in her weakened health, my mother quickly converted to a natural-cure believer by researching on books, finding doctors who offer natural treatments with facts, and started making herb tea which she found should work for breast cancer.  She could barely stand by herself  at the time, but started to exercise walking on her own. She decided to get better to help me. 

I was so moved and thankful for her, and for the first time in our twisted relationship that I felt her pure love.  This was the first time I thanked my little disease.

APPRECIATION makes us feel happy. And one appreciation leads to another.

While I was torn to make decisions for my doctor on which treatment to take first, either chemical cure or mastectomy; which procedure to take, either simultaneous reconstruction or only removal; partial removal or complete removal...nothing sounded good at all, and sad but true at this point I wasn't sure enough to cure naturally. 

2 days after, a miraculous help came in.

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