Thursday, May 30, 2013

07 Miraculous help

When I was having desk lunch at work, I found a long-lost friend online, and before I knew it, we started chatting. I confessed to him that I had breast cancer, and was asked so may questions about all the options and how much they would cost. Then soon he got to the point to ask if it was money that I needed the most, because he found it affordable and would be glad to help.

When it comes to asking, I was the worst. I would feel ashamed, embarrassed, afraid that I might sound imprudent, greedy, stupid, etc.

First of all, it seemed out of question to take such an offer.
Second of all,  I felt guilty to prioritize my confidence as female when I should save for further treatment, preparation for lawyer fee for divorce, for my child, etc, although taking surgery wouldn't sound too bad only if I could afford the very expensive breast reconstruction.

But an innocent part of me poked rigid me and said, "Don't be too serious and say what you want!"  

Yes, it sounded wonderful. I would much rather take surgey without losing breasts than chemical treatment to lose hair and health! 
"Just take it with appreciation!"

So I dropped my ego and decided to ask for help, and happily received this unbelievably kind offer from this nice and wealthy friend to cover the most recommended course of surgery.

How lucky to be free from worries and able to move forward! How I felt so fortunate and grateful! Simply too good to be true.

Within a week I made an appointment for my surgery, and the schedule and arrangements of my child went all perfectly and smoothly.

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