Tuesday, May 21, 2013

04 Rotation Diet and Alkaline Food

Before the official diagnosis by biopsy, I was already consulting with a friend who's a great source for natural healing.

What I learned first was that cancer is systemic illness, therefore changing the constitution is crucial. Lesson 1: Cancer body is acidified, so it needs to be alkalized.

At that time I was healthy overall, but only thing which was bothering me was the strong drowsiness after meal. I told her about it, and she immediately suspected that my body must have become sensitive and developed allergic reaction.

So I was convinced to start my first act, "Rotation Diet" and to take "Alkaline Food".

Rotation diet was to find which food my body was reacting to and to lessen the symptom by not taking the same food for 3 days. The instruction was to take 1 kind of protein, carbohydrate and any vegetables per day to rotate for 4 days. To mix this with Alkaline food diet, it was very difficult for me as a starter.

I had to avoid alcohol, coffee, milk, chocolate and wheat-related sweets because those are most acid food. And I had to avoid wheat for 3 days, which was the most difficult thing in Japan. They are not as gluten-awared as Americans!

For carbs to rotate for 4 days, I chose Quinoa (most alkaline and high in protein grain), taros, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. For proteins, I chose lean meat or eggs, fish, dairy, and soy.
I made a food chart and tried to stick to it. I actually invented some amazing sweets, which I will post separately.

This made sense to me, and although this was not easy, I started to feel better and less drowsy. I also found myself slightly reacting to wheat. By avoiding wheat for 3 days, my skin got so much smoother!

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