Tuesday, December 3, 2013

56 Day 3: When it gets intense, soften. When it gets boring, just rest on emptiness

Lola said,
"Life is a story, and story is not bad, but if it's not helping you, then it's bad.
It's not what happened but it's how you reacted to it.
Leave thing that are not working for you."

And as I was getting better to feel the feelings, Lola also said to "soften" when it's getting unbearable. 
To soften seems the easiest thing we could do when we get hit by anger, sadness, or any extreme emotions. No "pushing away" or "denying", or rationalizing by "making it a bad thing". Just put a warm blanket around it, imagine to make the spiky edges of those emotions a little rounder or smoother, little by little until it feels somewhat OK. Then it becomes easier to handle...

After getting too intense, a big emptiness would visit, and it'd get all boring. Lola said to rest on emptiness, without judging or analyzing, or even thinking. This lesson was luxury yet difficult for me, because I used to feel guilty for doing nothing, as I grew up being told to use time wisely, not to waste any minute. 

It was pure peace. During this silent period, I was motivated to do quick sketches on anything that caught my eyes. The sun-lit leaves against warm dark shade, the vibrant colors on plants, trees, the life energy all around me.


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