Tuesday, December 31, 2013

61 Accountability partner

Prior to the 5 Day Silent Retreat in Ojai, I was asked to give a try for this accountability project with another attendee friend for fun/preparation. This is good if you are somewhat lazy like me who would skip your to-dos with excuses.

We set our regimen like doing "raving=appreciate about any small 5-10 things in dramatic way" for 5 min., 5-10 min. meditation and/or "diving-in=letting stories go and being with feelings" twice a day, etc., and report to each other everyday otherwise due a penalty of paying the other.

The key was to be honest to your partner and not to take it to a stressful level.

We thought it worked pretty well, so decided to keep doing after the retreat with some modification on our menu.

I recommend this system to anything you want to improve on. It's a great exercise for self-improvement as well as communication.

Thus a few months passed by with some ups and downs but we both managed to surf along to maintain blissful state. 

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