Monday, December 23, 2013

60 Problems solve themselves in your absence

So I came back and fully enjoyed the group breakfast with retreatmates. They are wonderful...we stay in touch since then and exchange healings or share thoughts from time to time. And all the way to LAX I carpooled, I was so bubbly and happy, I even seemed to speak more fluently than ever, maybe due to being present.

Funny trick happened to my car after dropping off a friend in the valley. The car didn't go more than 30 mi/hr. It didn't hit me for a while because I was going down the hill to Hollywood, but soon I realized that the car got locked in low gear somehow.

I was still in blissful state and totally left all to the universe to handle, so I didn't stress but carefully drove on (my favorite) Sunset Blvd., all the way to 405 on-ramp. When it was about time to drop off my rent-a-car near LAX, I was still in Brentwood wondering if I should take the freeway. Actually, my priority was to go pee ASAP, so I pulled into the gas station nearby, also in hope for getting some mechanical help.

Unfortunately, there was nobody to help on the car. "Maybe I should take the surface street to LAX, but I would miss my flight for sure especially since I'm not an expert local driver any more...." Quick decision was required, but instead I just pulled out anyway forward to the small street.

To my surprise, there I saw my long-lost favorite little bakery! After I left L.A. in 1999, my sense of direction faded and I hadn't been able to find them. They had the best brioche & croissant, and I used to pick up the first-baked ones around 6am before getting on to 405 for film-shoot. Glad to see the place still there, looking busy.

Well, for a few moments while I completely forgot about the problem, something magical happened..
Why, the car works! It sped up as I stepped on the gas. A great example & lesson of "Things are going great in my absence". 

So I got onto smooth 405, made it to LAX 40 min prior to my departure without stress, and was frowned but allowed to speed check-in. It was a fun ride after all with some thrills and unexpected discovery!

All the way to Tokyo on the plane I was still in high spirits. I chose funny and uplifting movies, (which are not my usual picks) sang along to them, cried and  laughed at them like nobody was watching. (Fortunately the plane was somewhat vacant.)

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