Saturday, December 14, 2013

58 Day 5: Initiation Day

We were told to wear something "special" this day. Lola put it, 
" It's your wedding day with your innermost Being and you'll never forget it."

So we finally broke free from silence and celebrated our memorable day. We all love ourselves for who we are, stress and trauma-free, starting to really live our lives.

A man who came in with his cane limping the first day was dancing freely. He said he couldn't believe his leg got so well in such short time because he couldn't even walk without his cane before due to a severe motorcycle accident several years ago.

Another lady confessed that she was surviving through 5 days without her prescription for her serious heart problem, and she was actually doing fine without them.

These miracles were really happening around me, and I could easily believe that my cancer cells were all gone! (Too bad it wasn't visible.) To be more precise, it was not just about cancer, but I was feeling so much better as a whole, like I had never been.

Here is how we changed through Divine Openings:

We enjoyed dancing to the music, chatting and laughing away, or sitting in silence/laying out giving/receiving healings, admiring the scenery outside, Lola's artworks, etc. We all were like old friends already although without verbal communication until that day. 

The retreat venue turned into a big party house full of happy people. The only difference from regular parties was that we were naturally/spiritually high, without beer or wine, or any other substances, even sugar! 

Some of us thought of going out to town for celebrating more later, but then we realized right away that it was an old idea, because drinking alcohol would only turn off this pure blissful-state. Instead, we arranged a breakfast gathering the next day.

We all thanked Lola as she was leaving us to rest as usual after the 5 day session. Now it's her turn to go into silence.

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