Sunday, December 8, 2013

57 Day 4: Another trip to the beach

Some quotes of the day by Lola:
"Drop everything. What you need comes when you need it. The more you're off the case the more they transform."
"Look within first when giving too much attention to people and/or trying to control them.

We visited the beach again in the afternoon. I decided to be active in contrast, and started walking along the beach as it pleased me, toward the pier.

Soon I arrived at the beautiful Ventura pier, and I was motivated to walk further to the end of it. I felt so fulfilled every moment, completely being present which means free of time, worries, and ego. 

During 5 Day Silent Retreat , we received the special energy by Lola and advanced retreaters everyday at the end of the day. The energy is called "Divine Openings" initiated by Lola, and there are variations which are Divine Mother Hug and Divine Healing. We started practicing them from the 2nd or 3rd day. It was mind-blowing because it is nothing like what I had learnt about healing "modalities".

The biggest difference to other healing techniques is that with Divine Openings, we do "nothing". We use our body just as a tool so grace/universal energy/God/love whatever you may call it... can take over. So we have to "get out of the way". All headings should work as long as you believe it, but this one is really powerful.

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