Sunday, June 2, 2013

08 Ionic Foot Bath and Heat therapy by small iron

Thus, I decided to take surgery but still was not sure about taking chemical treatment afterwards. I was told that further treatment should be decided by the result of lymph node biopsy which was included in the surgery. However, in any case I was told that I would have to take some kind of chemical treatment because the result on the first biopsy looked pretty bad already.

So I tried to clean my system as much as possible by natural cure until the surgery so the result could be better. 

Here are what I tried besides the diet I mentioned earlier:

1. First of all, drink tons of (good) water.

Ionic foot bath which detoxes your system. I found that some health spa places in Los Angeles use them. This is fun because it is visible what your body is discharging by the color.

3. Heat therapy using small travel-size iron
To use small iron on heating organs, using a this towel. This was by a friend directly but no link to paste, so please contact me for details if you are interested.
This made me feel thirsty!

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