Tuesday, August 6, 2013

39 Natural Food by Natural Farming

After I returned from US, I had 5 days to adjust myself and living environment into the detox phase before starting a new job.

First of all for Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program, a lot of organic fruit and vegetables are required to make 4 gallons of juice/day. Financially realistically, I decided to use carrots mainly from the list, because I found a place delivers organic carrots in bulk.

For other veggies and fruit, I couldn't decide which delivery service to choose from, so I left that open and went out for a lunch appointment with friends who came to see me at the hospital.

I arrived at the vegan cafe too early, so I picked up a book and started reading. The book was about "Natural farming", which was the answer I was looking for! (This book is only available in Japanese as far as I know)

Before that, I easily felt safe when it's said "organic", although I didn't even know what "organic" exactly means or what are included. It must be better than regular products with agricultural chemicals, but "natural farming" was a whole new concept for me.

It was mind-blowing to learn what it takes to grow products naturally. It takes years and years for fertilized and damaged soil to return to natural state, as in the woods, so that products grow without pests. 

I bought the book and learned about natural farming vs organic farming, and since then I've been taking regular delivery service of naturally grown vegetables and brown rice. They taste gooood! I'm not sure if something like this is available outside Japan. 

I don't want to go too crazy on how safe what I eat, which would stress me out, so I eat "organic vegetables" with less pesticide use and also regular veggies sometimes, but I am just conscious of "good" food as much as I can.

There is a miracle powder which consists of scallop shell to remove pesticide residue and wax, which is very useful for non-organic products. What I'm using is distributed only in Japan, but I found something similar (the same?) for overseas: Scallo-P

Back to lunch at the cafe, the girls showed up and they saw me alive and healthy after the surgery without chemical treatment, and even looked better than ever, and they especially surprised how clear my skin became, which made me happy. 

The food there was very few greens with lots of brown rice and greasy fried tofu, but having a good time with friends helped!

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