Saturday, August 31, 2013

47 Thyroid check-up

I finally made up my mind to have my thyroid checked. It's been 4 months since PET/CT showed something suspicious on both sides of my thyroid.

Although I was told at the breast clinic that breast cancer does not spread to thyroid, I also heard the opposite opinion coincidentally from my uncle indirectly. He's a medical doctor and heard that I got breast cancer from his brother (my Dad), and told Dad that it would make things complicated if it spread to thyroid, and that he was hoping it would't happen to me. Dad called me to tell me that without any clue, so I didn't tell him anything.

The hospital specialized in thyroid is located in the middle of Omotesando, one of the high-end fashion areas in Tokyo. Honestly, I wasn't excited to go there because that was where my previous work was at, reminding me of sour memories, and I wasn't interested in strolling up the crowded street, or shopping in the most expensive area any longer. Most of all, I was afraid to find out something fatal in my thyroid.

Wow, don't I sound negative enough? So I decided to enjoy the day instead, dressed up to explore the area with my daughter, just like we do in Disneyland, since its going to take a whole day, waiting between several checkups.

So it turned out fun, watching fashionable people, the high-end design and architecture, fancy sport car passing by, checking out fancy stores and cafes, etc.

I took blood test, palpation, ultrasound in between above fun. 

After 2 weekends, I came back for the results, and was told to take biopsy next time. 
Yikes. Good thing was, by ultrasound, the suspected areas appeared much smaller than how it looked by PET/CT. The doctor said ultrasound should be much more accurate, but I assumed "the bad area" gotten smaller by my higher vibration and better diet!

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