Sunday, August 4, 2013

38 Thank-you notes

The next day was my daughter's 9th birthday, and we celebrated the day at Universal Studios. It's a fun place to be, but like all the other amusement parks, it's a hard place for a healthy-eater to get by. I was saved by a few bunches of organic grapes prepared by my thoughtful friend in the morning. 

But for dinner, since this 9 year-old girl hadn't gotten to eat anything meaty during this trip due to my condition, I took her to a steak house in the park. I wanted her to experience traditional American dining as well, which I used to enjoy, and might do again in future!

I just made it OK with grilled fish for myself, and overlooked little things I was supposed to stay away from. After all, it was her birthday! 

So we had a blast that day, and picked up our baggage at the same friend's to say good bye and thank you, then took off to Tokyo past midnight.

I am so thankful for all my friends who helped our stay comfortable and pleasurable, supported and cared about my health condition, and took care of my daughter. I love you all!

And I'm thankful to my breast cancer because I wouldn't have been able to enjoy and appreciate each moment like this without experiencing it.

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