Saturday, August 24, 2013

45 NTA (Nerve Transmission Adjustment) doctor

Boy, I had never experienced dizziness like that before! I could not even get out of bed to reach my phone. 

I felt very lucky to have a very helpful 9 year-old daughter who made carrot juice for me besides fixing her own breakfast.

By the next day I felt better enough to go to the NTA doctor*, who was the only doctor I relied on in Japan for more than 10 years, but unfortunately I hadn't been able to afford him lately (those really good treatments are not covered by insurance). It was about time to visit him  finally.

As always, he told me straight what was wrong with me: It's post-detox diet.

He found out I was on strict detox/diet and said it's not good to be too strict because getting back to normal diet is very difficult and dangerous for the body to adjust.

I felt better and went to work after the treatment.

For about a month I felt a bit dizzy but nothing compared to the first day.  Only once it got worse again within a month, and the doctor asked me if I was taking any supplement. Strange, but it was true that I had started taking "good for cancer" supplement someone sent for me. 

The doctor says if you notice a physical problem, suspect anything you recently started taking i.e supplements or change of diet.

So many supplements were recommended by many people, but I decided to stick with "being happy" and taking healthy food as much as possible.

I stopped going to the doctor after several times, partly because of time and money, but more I wanted to be proactive about curing myself by not relying on him, the miracle doctor. I will save him as the last resort!

* NTA (Nerve Transmission Adjustment) treatment which combines ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, qigong, etc.)

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