Wednesday, August 14, 2013

44 Post-detox issue

After the 30days of Incurables Program, I wasn't sure how to adjust my diet. There is no specific instruction what to do after detox, and that was one of the problems of self-taught program/not having an instructor.

We probably should stay as close as detox period: Raw and organic food, no salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, additives, animal-related food, but it was almost impossible to do so in Tokyo!

The first weekend after detox, I went out with my Mom to a vegan restaurant  to celebrate our health: She recovered enough to go out on her own, and I completed the 30-day. Although everything tasted a bit too salty for me, the food and atmosphere there was really fulfilling and made me feel happy.

My sense of relief started to prevail. The following weekend I visited my good friend who helped me through surgery. Although I started out "good" by bringing in lunch packed with veggies, 

as time passed by in her beautiful house on the hill looking down the ocean in gorgeous sunset hour, when California wine with cheese, prosciutto, and some gourmet appetizer was getting served in front of me, I couldn't find any reason to resist.

Ah, the Chardonnay tasted so wonderful. Then I gave myself permission to enjoy. 

Somehow my over-sensitiveness to regular food was gone while I was enjoying my pre-cancer favorite meal naturally. Life was good!

After a few days, however, I caught myself gotten irritated and depressed really badly for the first time in months. I am not sure if it was anything to do with change of diet. (Maybe I should have refrained from prosciutto or another glass of wine.)

Finally one morning after getting mad to my daughter and nagging her really badly the night before, I woke up in terrible dizziness. I could not move my head or eyes, and felt nauseous. Oops,did I drink too much last night? None! Then what happened?

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