Tuesday, August 6, 2013

40 Everything was perfect on the 1st day at work

I got a juicer and 2L water bottle ready to start Dr.Schulze's Incurables Program anytime, but I just wanted to wait and see how it would go at the new job. 

"How I would fit the job or people" would be my concern usually, but this time, "how I would handle my diet at work" was on top of it.

Well, now that I know I create my reality, so I shift concern to intention to "enjoy" and "appreciate" work and diet!

So there came the first day at work. The first hurdle was welcome lunch; I told my boss that I got some limitations on food without being too specific. Limitation on food means antisocial, which I'd hate, but I had to find a mutual solution. I decided to tell people that I got "some physical issues" thus taking healthy food to take care of myself. I had to protect myself from losing the job by mentioning "cancer", just to be safe.

I learned that most people were having desk lunch, which would be ideal for me to go on the detox program, so I decided to start from the next Monday.

I felt relaxed and fitted at work, which was a great relief. And I happened to find the lady sitting next to me was also very health-conscious, and knew a lot about veganism. It was incredible to meet someone this close, considering how Japanese people are ignorant about veganism.

After work, I stopped by the organic grocery store near the office to explore. It's fun to study all kinds of "good" food, but at the same time, It's a hard fact that every single healthy item costs about 3 times more than what I used to spend... 
"It's OK, I should be able to afford what I need, because I simply ASK for it!"

Of course yes. At the end of the day I came home to find that I unexpectedly received money in my bank account! It was the director of my previous job, concerned about my health and specially arranged retirement benefit for me. I am so grateful for him, as well as for the universe to make this miracle happen!

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