Tuesday, August 13, 2013

43 Sweet temptations to "stuff feelings"

Although my detox was not nearly perfect, I noticed how sensitive I became to salt, sugar, caffeine, and animal-scent (in dairy product and meat) as well as chemical additives. 

Neither of them made me feel good, however, sometimes I had urges to fill myself with those to "run away from sufferings". In such cases, every time after some moments of tasting them, I realized they were no comforts after all. Those were like "junk-switch", which would lead me to unhealthy appetite one after another once turned on. 

As Lola says, sugar, caffeine, alcohol would "stuff" your feelings. They may comfort you (numb you) temporarily, but as long as you don't "feel the feelings", there is no escape.

How weak to temptations we poor humans are!
Contrarily, I still cannot give up on all the "good" food in the world. I'm still in doubt that I have to deny all the fine cuisine in the whole world to justify "healthy eats". I wish to enjoy them carefreely once my system is back to normal. Or I'll leave it open and see how my appetite changes along the way at least!

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