Monday, August 12, 2013

42 Experiencing 30-day detox (Incurables Program)

I felt so light, slightly dizzy, craving for salty taste (most vegetables and fruit are naturally sweet) and solid and warm food. The good news was, in mid summer in Tokyo, I don't remember being too hot to walk for 90 minutes in total every day, or even felt tired, thanking to juicing power. 

There is a juice bar at a station I use, which often saved me on the way home, to make it home without fainting in hunger.

I got lots and lots of carrot pulp every day after making juice, which I hated to throw away, so every day I managed to make it into some meal. With flax seed oil and almonds with cinnamon to make it like a dessert, or with apple cider vinegar, sprouts and raw GARLIC* to make it a salad. My daughter had to eat a lot of carrot pulp in her meal, too.

Before getting allergic to carrots, I discovered spinach and banana juice (green smoothy), using a simple blender, which is much faster to make and no wasting pulp, and less sweet. 

There were little hurdles here and there: Going-outs, friends visiting, a short trip during the 30 days.

The funniest solution for lunch-outing was smuggling my healthy raw-food lunch and juice into McDonald's.
I think I did it for 3 different settings.

It was impossible to prepare raw food for 3 meals or more in mid summer, so I gave up being perfect on the trip, and simply did my best and avoided stress.

*Dr. Schulze recommends (raw) GARLIC and CAYENNE PEPPER the most powerful herbs to fight diseases.

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