Sunday, July 28, 2013

37 Amazing Vegan/Raw Food Restaurant

The next day we moved on to the next and the last friend's in West Hollywood. She is a successful business person running 2 companies based in the area, so cool and inspiring. 

She also understood my situation fully and kindly offered to look after my daughter so I could go to Erewhon to supply myself with organic needs. That was very nice of her! I

So there I soaked myself in organic land. It was so exciting to see all the advanced products not yet sold in Japan, and some familiar ones in much less price (most of organic products sold in Japan are imported from US). Too bad that the things I wanted to buy the most required me to live locally.

For dinner, she took us to this amazing organic vegan/raw food restaurant, "Cafe Gratitude", where she actually went to put us on the waiting list otherwise it would've been impossible to make a reservation on the day. She said the restaurant was one of the hottest spots in town!

Even the single fact that vegan is so popular makes me want to move to L.A.!  There are very few vegan restaurants in Tokyo. When it comes to raw food restaurant, as far as I know, there is only 1!

Her daughter who grew up to be a fine lady joined our dinner as a happy surprise, as well as another cheerful old friend, to make our table full of happy girls in all ages.

The food there was amazing! I wouldn't mind being vegan forever if I got to eat this quality food all the time!

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