Monday, July 15, 2013

17 I got a better job! Now what...California?

I rode a bike on the 5th day, picked up my daughter who came back from her Dad’s on the 6th day, and went back to work on the 7th day like nothing happened (Nobody knew about my illness and surgery except for my managers). I was fine except that I felt vulnerable to get on a jam-packed Tokyo train because of my whole breast area aching, still partially bleeding and numb.
The very day, I received a call from my agent about a very attractive job offer. It sounded as if the post was prepared for me, and the salary was attractive as well. I was originally requesting for a better-paying job in order to cover chemical treatment, but at that point I would use that for switching to natural and organic food, and simply for a better living.
So the interview was set up the following week, and boom! I got the job on that day. (I'm enjoying the job and appreciating it every day.) Things worked out perfectly again, and my successor was found easily thus I could quit earlier than expected, to make the starting day of the new job at earliest. I mean, I planned to switch jobs without any breaks first, as the new company asked me to start ASAP, however, it turned out that they could wait.
Thus, the 2 weeks of freedom was given to me as a gift from God. How would I want to spend it?
I came up with the most brilliant and crazy idea: How about going to California?

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