Sunday, July 21, 2013

35 Live session with Lola Jones in Ojai_03

Some more encouraging and funny notes from Lola:

"In today's vibration you would've never been able to create a disease.
(good to hear!)
Give yourself freedom from what you historically created.
Most people are sitting in the physical result of past vibration.
We're looking at products of that,
'the physical monuments of history'!"

This made me laugh out loud. 
She is really funny, actually she gives importance to humor and laughter.

There is a study about laughter activates natural killer cells, too. 
In the same sense, being happy would work the same way!

So again, I'm the physical monument of my history! 
I can put it in the history book, and start a new life NOW!

At the end, I received Divine Openings from Lola and rested, and roamed around her property as kindly suggested.

I felt so good, and felt that all my pipes were open to let the energy flow. 

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