Sunday, July 21, 2013

34 Live session with Lola Jones in Ojai_02

What Lola  told me saved my soul, and made me feel it's all right to be just who I am.
Then I realized I hadn't talked about breast cancer, which was originally why I was there for. 

"I don't want to focus on curing my illness or make it a goal, because it's just a part of my life, and what's more important is how I want to live my life..."

She said  (excerpted),
"There was a time when you were vibrating sadness and bitterness,
and part of you was feeling like 
'I'm not getting to live the life I wanna live'
and that is what gets cancer to hold."
"But you're not vibrating that any more.
IF there are any aspects of you that are still vibrating that way,
just allow it, to be soothed, and to move, and to move, and to move."

"Disease is temporary as everything is
But life is not going to change unless your vibration changes."

"When you are so full and energized inside with what you want and your reason to live,
there is no pockets of stagnation, 
there's no shortage of energy flowing thru you,
it (disease) got to leave."

She told me how to "expand" by feeling, (you can do by visualizing if it's easier than feeling) and recommended that I should expand myself to make stagnated cells in my body (which are causing disease) to function properly.

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