Saturday, July 6, 2013

29 to L.A.

It was a red-eye flight from Tokyo Haneda Airport to LAX. I'm so glad Haneda has become international airport once again since it's so handy for us!

It had been almost 3 years since the last time we visited L.A.  That was a whole different era!

When I was booking our seats online, I found meal options. There were so many choices so I was getting excited, and when I decided on "vegan", I realized it was the first time I claimed myself as "vegan" officially. I chuckled to myself, "Wow, that sounds so snobby! What kind of special menu am I getting?"

Well, soon to have found out the special privileged meal was a roll (with margarine, which is non-vegan!) and some fruit... only. Oops, I forgot that my seat was economy. But I survived through 10-hour flight because I smuggled in some emergency food.

And there we arrived in Los Angeles! I just love being there for no reason. Ever since I first visited there in my teens, I just knew that I fitted better there. I felt more alive in L.A., or in California in general. Too sad that I left there in 1999, to look back, I must have forgotten all the things I liked about being there and appreciation, but instead just complained about what I did not have or get.

Coming back there with a child is a whole new experience. People I see and what I do are totally different from what I used to. I'm happy that I got to experience both!

This time we stayed at 3 different friends', who all were so amazingly kind that I can't appreciate enough!

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