Thursday, July 11, 2013

30 Love Driving in California

Last time I got a rent-a-car, I overestimated my geographical memories and cut down on car navigation, which was a fatal mistake!

Back in the '90s we used to drive around with Thomas Guides handy, and some road maps from AAA in the glove compartment. Then in the noughties, our brains must have gotten spoiled by IT and digital devices...and forgot how to read maps and drive...or at least that was my case.

So I invested on a little GPS system and even a rental cell phone, and we flew out in the city of Los Angeles a little past  magic hour. Ah how I missed driving in L.A.!

I could go on and on about how I love driving in L.A., or California, or anywhere in the States. Whenever I was dreaming of California, I would imagine myself driving on Hwy 1 around Big Sur, overwhelmed by the breathtaking view, or shooting up on I5 north from L.A. through desert, singing at the top of my lungs with my favorite music in full blast.

I wonder if all the cancer cells in my body would dissapesr if I drive and sing like this for a day,  feeling a oneness with the whole.
In Divine Openings there is a little technique called "raving". It raises your spirit to rave about anything you could appreciate e.g. "I love my new pair of slippers! They are so comfortable and look so cute! And...", "I love my Mom! She's the best! She's so good at...", "I love my cell phone! It's so helpful and it has all the things I like, and..", "I'm so lucky to have this job! I love my colleagues and...", "I look great today! My hair looks perfect and...", "My pet is the cutest! He's so sweet and..." for about 5 minutes, either vocally or subvocally.

I usually do this when getting up in the morning to start a day with full appreciation. This makes you feel great, so I strongly recommend it!

And you could apply raving to something you really like, to enhance the vibration even more, so you will attract more of it naturally by Law of Attraction

In my case driving in CA came true in 7 months after a period of strong yearning with vivid visualization, to look back. I used Google map to simulate driving wherever I wanted, and I was simply feeling the love of driving and imagined how I would feel to be there.

 At that time I had no idea it would come true and the situation seemed hopeless.  And I did not even know about either Law of Attraction or Diving Openings then.

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