Saturday, July 27, 2013

36 Dr. Schulze's store in Marina Del Rey

The next day we left Ellie's to go to Dr. Schulze's store in Marina Del Rey, which was another big destination for this trip. At the store we had arranged to meet another friends,  who we were going to stay with the night. They were the ones who got me into Dr. Schulze

One step in, and there it smelled so clean and herbal.

I was planning to buy one of the detox programs, but when I got to know the details by the sales lady, I got blown away.

During the 30 day detox program, I must drink fresh juice exclusively for the maximum result. It sounded impossible since I would be working full time at my new job.

It reminded me of the terminal cancer patients, who were constantly fed fresh juice, as I read in Gerson treatment.

According to the store, however, I was considered "seriously ill" , so I should try the most stoic way. 

They told me that fresh juice could be good up to 8 hours in good condition, so I could make a lot in the morning to bring to work, and I could eat raw food to avoid hunger i.e. bananas, dried fruit, raw nuts and veggies, etc.

My silly concern was that it would be killing me to prepare good-smelling food for my daughter while on detox! Also, I doubted if I could stick to it for that long since I had never even tried fasting for a day! What I've been doing is hard enough already... I can't handle hunger... there's so much work to do to prepare...

I was in a huge resistance.

What if I intend to cure and do without such strict detox....? Lola said follow what you and your body feel good about. This is where I still get confused, between if this is my mind is telling a story to resist or if this is what I (my large self) is saying no.

That was when my old friend Keith showed up with his lovely girl friend and daughter, so we got busy introducing new faces to each other, exchanging hugs, and brief updates.

Then what Keith told me opened my eyes,
"Well, if you are serious and committed to cure on your own instead of taking chemical treatment, don't you wanna try something extraordinary?"

He's right. there could be an easier way, but for me now, I need to try something special, so that I feel committed big time, in order to strengthen my intention to cure.

So I was convinced to try Incurables Program, and decided to get a juicer when I get home, arrange delivery of organic vegetables in bulk, get a big water bottle to carry around, and buy  a lot of raw food bars for emergency while in the US. 

All set.

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