Tuesday, July 2, 2013

28 Skype Session with Lola Jones

As far as chakra is concerned, breast cancer is a heart chakra disorder and thyroid cancer (or disease) is a communication chakra disorder. It hurt to admit but I was on the big reconstruction project of the 2 major departments.

Anyway, I felt relieved to know that my breast cancer was not at a bad stage from my POV, although it was at an advanced stage for the doctors because it metastasized to the lymph nodes 8/8, and they would treat me the same regardless of the result of PET/CT.

I could worry and suspect all my unhealthy symptoms for thyroid disorder and lived in fear, but instead, I decided to let go and enjoy the limited valuable time on my own. 

I used the next 4 days to pick up our passports, get international driver's license (how exciting to drive in CA!) , went swimming alone, had lunch with a friend without kids, besides all the errands and preparation for the trip. 

I was full of hope and enjoyed every moments. Just that I had to bring a banana or some fruit, some potatoes or rice balls without salt, nuts and dried fruit for emergency food whenever I went out, or chose Indian restaurant (safe for vegan diet) or Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle with dipped sauce which is easy to adjust) restaurant to eat.

Also I registered for sessions with Lola Jones, who leads Divine Openings and wrote "Things Are Going Great In My Absence" finally. Since I was going to see her in person the following week, my 3 sessions would work out perfectly by Skype first for initiation, then live meeting to be fully evolved, then finish up by Skype.

Come to think of it, I believe that my encounter with this book triggered the whole evolution, which I took as treasure instead of tragedy, and amazed to look back and see how quickly things were happening in the several months, and boon! I was about to see her in person.

The Skype session with Lola was amazing. It took place past midnight my time, which worked out  fine for the quiet environment without a curious 8 year-old around. At the end, she gave me Divine Openings (I was not sure what it was then, but understood that it must be some kind of divine healing energy) , and that was so powerful that it felt as if a wind was blowing at my face from the computer screen! I felt enormous love beaming out from her and I was so happy to be meeting her in person.

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