Monday, July 1, 2013

27 The result of PET/CT

The following week was the last week at my previous job. Oh, how happy I was to leave there finally! I was so unhappy there and it was about time to make a move.  I tried to make a difference by changing my perceptions, but sometimes we have to make a real "move". No guilt, no calling it a failure nor give-up. Just accept the flow and follow through. 

Fortunately my successor was found in time and the handover was pretty smooth. Everything was perfect. Meanwhile, I kept myself busy with natural treatment. 

The Ionic Body Balancer arrived and I started trying it every day. (I was greedy to get the maximum effect before the trip. Usually once a week is good enough.) Interestingly, the water in foot bath changes color depending on the health condition. First it turned orange, then brown, then greenish black. It's really disgusting! But after a couple of days, it didn't go black any more and stayed brown. It's supposed to mean my gallbladder was detoxed. If you try this, do not to forget to take lots of water and Vitamin C.  I was recommended to take Emergen-C.

I was also doing Hot and Cold Shower (Water) Therapy every day (it's recommended to do 2-3 times a day), doing my vegan/raw food/no salt diet as much as possible, and walking for an hour every day (exercise for at least 1 hour/day is recommended by Dr. Schulze). 
So the week went quickly by, and Saturday I went back to the clinic for the result of my PET/CT and to make the final decision.

And the result was.....(Drum roll) 
They found no cancer in my body except something suspicious in my thyroid. Yes, they did find some "big" suspects in both sides on my thyroid. They did not specify them as cancer since they are not thyroid specialists. Instead, I was recommended that I should go to the hospital specialized in thyroid to have them checked. 

A very useful information was that breast cancer does not spread to thyroid thus this should be a separate case. I was glad that it hadn't spread to my brain, bones, liver or lung, which are the usual places for breast cancer to metastasize to.

The doctor wanted to prioritize to treat breast cancer, and had no idea how that would affect the treatment to the "problem" in thyroids. 

I figured that I could go on with natural treatment if it's nothing to do with breast cancer. So I thanked the doctor, and made it clear that I still wanted to choose natural cure.

Deep down, it was disappointing to know that there was another thing to worry about. I knew I had sensations of something stuck around my throat when I felt stress. And it is communication chakra. My communication ability was at the worst then, so no surprise.

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