Saturday, July 20, 2013

33 Live session with Lola Jones in Ojai_01

I left to Ojai in high spirits. After a couple of hours of pleasant drive alone on 101 North to 33, I arrived at the destination much earlier than my appointment. So I parked in front of someone's gorgeous front yard with tall cactus and enjoyed waiting. The whole neighborhood was in high vibration. Calm, peaceful yet so vibrant.

When I pulled up to her house finally, a little rabbit came out on the street to greet me.

Lola was just as I imagined, full of life, beautiful, and radiant. I fell in love with the grand view from her living room, looking out to the mountains. At that time I didn't expect to be able to come back there in 6 months!
She asked me,
"Where are you going? What is your vision? What would you like for your life to be like?"

Well, those are my questions all my life actually!
I am deadly lacking of long-term vision and goals!
How I wished I knew what I wanted in my life so clearly, so I could've pursued it and had it already!

Ever since I was a child, I never had a specific dream, like to become a certain professional, except for traveling all over the world.I'm simply a hopeless dreamer to keep everything vague and cannot limit any to specifics, and always let life unfold for me. In reality, I've been taking jobs an opportunities given to me, even if they were not always ideal. I had been lucky, but never satisfied.

When I was looking for a job a little before I encountered Divine OpeningsI regretted that I hadn't  established a career or mastery to get me a good job. I was depressed that "I'm nobody."  (That is a terrible "unworthiness" by the way!) 

Lola said (excerpted),
"Let go of the limit that you have to do it by traditional standard.
So many other paths in life don't work that way.
There are avenues outside those traditional main stream.
If you don't let yourself limited by the constraints and what the world says about careers
It opens the door to things that you didn't even know existed."

"If you want to do multiple things, 
just expand those possibilities,
don't figure out, just surf the next flow, and the next, and the next,
Just amp up who you really are."

It's true that I got the job which I could contribute my multiple experiences to, and most of all it pays better.  But it's not my goal so I'm expanding.

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