Sunday, June 2, 2013

09 Dr. Schulze

As I was trying Rotation Diet, which is the most simple and fundamental eating habit I ever learned, I also tried to avoid wheat, white rice, dairy, meat, greasy food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol as much as possible to Alkalize my system. As a result, I started getting compliments that I became lean and my skin texture became finer in a few weeks, and as much as I felt good about how I looked better outside, I was also happy that "inside" of me should look better as well.

I switched from cappuccino to soy latte first, since I could not cut cold turkey on coffee during work, then to soy milk with coffee substitutes. I switched from snacks to dry fruit and bananas, or steamed pumpkin with maple syrup.
I am not a good dieter at all and had a hard time adjusting.

As far as diet is concerned, after the surgery, I took it further to follow Dr. Schulze's diet , which recommends veganism, raw food, no salt, and vegetable juicing, which is Similar to Dr. Max Gerson's vegetable juicing method. Among great naturopathics, his was the most reachable for me. I recommend his site because his books about health are all available to read via PDF on his web site. He does not only sells his herbal formulas that cure all the diseases, but he recommends some techniques and habits for healthy way of living both physically and spiritually.

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