Sunday, June 23, 2013

25 "I'm sorry, but I decided not to take chemical treatment."

Going back to where I was at my medical situation,
I had to make a decision on a course of treatment, and finally the day came. 

My mom, still mostly on her wheel chair and very weak from her illness made it to accompany me at the appointment.

The breast clinic finally found Herceptin would not suit my cancer type from the series of examinations, and recommended I should start from taking another anti-cancer drug first and then hormone treatment. 

By the time I became clear that I had no intention of going through chemical cure. But I kept my option open for just in case. I wanted to respect what the doctors would offer. 

"So when would you like to start?", said the doctor.
"I'm sorry, but I decided not to take chemical treatment", said I.
"I decided to take natural treatment. I do believe in it."
"...I see. If you insist, we cannot force you. In that case please sign here."
Doctor pulled out a piece of paper to prove that they had informed me and offered treatment to me, and I signed.

I finally had the guts to say it! 
I appreciated that this doctor in charge of chemical treatment was not like the others who treated me in mocking tone when I mentioned natural treatment.
And I appreciated that my mom supported my decision.

Only thing I decided to take forward medically was to take PET/CT to see if there was any cancer development in other area.

I said to the doctor that I would not resist to take chemotherapy only if something really crucial found by PET/CT, like metastatic cancer in my brain. 

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