Saturday, June 22, 2013

22 How do you deal with unhappy periods? ... continued from #1

At this point, you may feel calm enough to realize this is happening for a good reason.
Usually, you cannot think this way when you feel down. But actually you are a step away from a breakthrough to a higher place, only if you allow it!

If you are in that state, you may skip to 2. Effective Question.

Or you may be disappointed to find that nothing has changed yet. You may feel tight knots in your stomach, hate someone and yourself, and the whole world, or you may be too depressed to even speak to anyone.

If so, don't blame yourself for anything. Say, "All feelings are good." and embrace yourself.
Go back and do #1 as much as you want to, as it's normal to take time! Or, totally forget it and do something different if you can, and come back when you are ready.

If you are facing with something you can't have any control of, 
surrender to the universe to sort out for you than you trying to solve on your own,
and just let things happen through you, like you become transparent. And just observe.

Just accept, just be, 
Relax, let go, let it pass. 
There is always an end to everything.

As you get the hang of it, you may love doing this because it really help you let go of grudges  or any residuals of unpleasant memories.

You might want to bear with the feelings until it rises, otherwise it will creep up to haunt you. If you are as impatient as I, you might want to get out from the low vibration sooner, and later on going back there again for more "feeling", which is perfectly fine as long as you know what's going on!

If you feel light and empty, and finally a smile on your face,  you are ready to recharge yourself! Congratulations!

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