Monday, June 10, 2013

15 Lots of research could kill you. Just go with you gut feeling.

This was the worst case scenario for me. This meant my cancer had spread widely through the lymph nodes. It sounded pretty bad, and once again, my revived California dream was shattered completely.

Although my heart was almost in natural healing, this result made it sink, as if in no-win situation. Were all the healthy endeavors meaningless?

I had to wait for further examination results in order for the doctors to decide  which treatment would suite the character of my cancer. Anyway, in a few weeks I had to make up my mind about how to proceed. It seemed impossible for me to decline doctor's suggestions at this point.

At the time I was still researching on breast cancer from natural cure to the latest medical cure, reading patients'  blogs and also checking information and books I received from family and friends. I thought I had to find the best answer somewhere out there.

Thing is, there are so many cases, reports, datas that you would want to read in limited time and you'd find nothing is perfect because there are always contradictions.
You would end up exhausted and stressed for "not knowing the best answer".

Anita Moorjani, who cured from metastatic cancer through Near Death Experience says, "Lots of research could create fear, and fear creates cancer. I'd say you just go with your gut feelings which treatment you decide to take."

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