Sunday, June 23, 2013

24. How do you deal with unhappy periods? 3. Deep breathing

It may sound too common, but still the most powerful and fundamental tool is Deep Breathing.

Ultimately, to master deep breathing is the quickest way to be free from it all.

Although there are many kinds of deep breathing, what I mean here is a simple one that you could use anywhere, anytime. I always do while commuting on a crowded train by the way.

Start by breathing out
Usually when you need deep breathing the most, you are either nervous, tense, stressed or anything far from relaxed state, so It must be difficult to breathe (for me at least), as if breathing seems never enough and you feel like choking.

People say, "relax" in the middle of my stressful spot, but how? If it's that easy, then I wouldn't be stressed any more!

That's me. So I start by "breathing out". Breathe out as slowly as possible, and completely. (And hold it for a few seconds if you can.)
Then you got to breathe in. If you try this cycle several times, then "breathe in and out" becomes easy.

Whenever you FEEL the painful feelings, I suggest you do deep breathing. "Letting go" works  so powerfully and feels so relieving with "breathing out".

Eckhart Tolle says, the instant path to "be present" is to focus on breathing. Because to be aware of your breathing and notice the sensation caused by breathing, expansion and contraction of your chest and abdomen could take your attention away from "thinking"

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