Sunday, June 9, 2013

14 Lymph node biopsy results

The next day after my daughter left for school, I took off the breast band. My breast, underarm and side were badly bruised and looked nothing like what I took glance of right after the surgery.  

Soon after, a lady from my neighborhood, who is a childcare person for my daughter kindly visited me to  see if I was doing fine. She is the nicest lady I ever know. I only told her about my surgery but did not tell her any details. She brought me some fruit and asked me if she could help me in any way. I was so grateful, and asked her to go shopping with me.  It was a bit challenging because it hurt to walk, but it was worthwhile. My doctor recommended that I should exercise as much as I could, since I was suppose to go back to work in a week.

And from the next day, it was the long weekend. I sent my child to her father for 4 days, and again my friend helped accompanying her to the airport.

How I appreciated everything!  
I looked at my bruised breasts every day and thanked God or universe for letting me have these miracles.

After 4 days of the surgery, I went back to the clinic for check-up and results for biopsy. Again, with the same dear friend to accompany me to witness. 

The doctor made a sour face and said,  "The results were no good. "
In regular lymph node biopsy they take out 4 lymph nodes to check, but in my case they took 8 and they were all infected. Therefore they recommended that I should  take chemotherapy, and hormone treatment to follow, and radiation. The full course!

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