Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Spiritual studies

As I was adopting these healthy diets, I was simultaneously learning to improve myself spiritually.

I discovered Eckhart Tolle several years ago, but it took me a while to accept my ego, after a long absence in spiritual way of life. I learned a lot from his teachings and had been influenced a lot, but his teachings admonished me mostly but had not given me joy (nevertheless I still admire Exckhart and read and watch his messages which are always beautiful).

Going back to 3 months prior to the diagnosis, as I mentioned briefly earlier, I was introduced to a life-changing wonderful book called "Things Are Going Great In My Absence" , and by reading I was receiving "Divine Openings" which leads you deeper within to reach spiritual enlightenment rather than searching outside for answers.

I was also briefly studying Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction, which Divine Openings is partly based on, so it helped me sucked into the vibrational theory smoothly.

I can easily guess that this awareness must have accelerated delivery of happiness by finding breast cancer, thus everything started to get better by changing.

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