Sunday, June 9, 2013

13 After surgery

I started to hear something from far away, and still in a haze, these voices reminded me that I was being given surgery. 

"Wonder how she's going to support herself after this.""She's going through divorce with her child, and her mother is in serious illness."

Doctors must have had no idea that I could hear their conversation, but it was done so close to me and just above me,  and I was in between them.

"Gee, leave me alone! I can make it somehow!", I said to myself in drowsiness.

After all done, a nurse woke me up, then I had to get up and walk back to the patients room by myself. Although still groggy by anesthesia, I took a glance at my breasts before they put thick bandages around them. 

How they looked so clean and beautiful (didn't see any bruises then)! That was the biggest relief. Thank you, doctors! 

It was about 10pm already when I returned to my bed, but the same friend who accompanied me kindly waited and also brought another good friend to say hello to me at the bed, which was so nice. The operation took 3 hours, which was more than expected, and I was told why it took that long later on.

The next morning I was out of the hospital. The same friend came to meet me, and another friend came to give us a ride to my apartment. They brought their best "natural" food for me to have a little tea party. Again, I was really fortunate.  

I could walk but I could not use my arms much, and I could not lie down because it was impossibly painful to get up due to the pain in the breasts. So I was supposed to rest in sitting posture for a while.

In the afternoon, my girl came home from school, and I greeted her in the bedroom. That I remember, but honestly I can't remember how we spent time the rest of the day and the next day. I was sure that I prepared meal for her, but I just don't remember.

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