Sunday, June 16, 2013

20 Hot and Cold Water Therapy

Looking back, the whole continuum of breast cancer care happened in the ideal timing. I had surgery in the end of April, and rested at home the following week, which is  the most pleasant time of year in Tokyo. Post-sugical care was easy in the season, without stress of too cold or too hot. And Raw food diet is easiest in summer, so I was really lucky.

Speaking of too cold and too hot, one of the natural treatment I really liked and tried almost every day was Hot and Cold Water Therapy by Dr. Schulze's Incurables program. Among his hard-core Hydrotherapies, this was the easiest for me to try on my own. 

According to Dr. Schulze, hot water brings blood flow to the surface of the body, while the cold water drives blood flow to the core of the body, thus by alternating Hot and Cold water brings fresh blood to the organs and glands and all parts of the body. He says, "Increasing the circulation HEALS YOU FASTER." in 20 Powerful Steps.

Prior to visiting his store, I started reading his books online, as his books are available to read for free on his blog site

My medical doctor at the breast clinic said I could take a shower from the 2nd day after surgery, and I should start taking a bath after a week. He writes in his book that taking a bath to warm your body, especially up to the shoulders will help blood circulate to cure post-surgical trauma faster.

Although I was scared to do anything to the surgery site, and worried about infection from the wounds, I started trying the Hot and Cold Water Therapy  on the surgery site after taking a bath.  I always liked hot bath and the routine of hot sauna and cold bath, so it was easy for me and felt good to do, although the first few seconds of cold shower was tough, but again, the warm season helped.

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