Saturday, June 15, 2013

18 Small concerns?

Although it may have sounded out of the question from a matured and prudent adult's point of view, it sounded wonderful and exciting from a pure child's POV, and it seemed like the powerful medicine that would cure all my illness!

Besides all the "small" concerns, I started planning right away. Conveniently enough, Lola Jones who I was going to take sessions with and Dr. Schulze's store where I was going to buy detox program from were both reachable from L.A., my dear second home town.

Here are how I sorted out my "small" concerns about the big travel:
1. Money→I made it OK since I got a better-paying job, and I still had an active bank account in the US with enough balance to spend during the visit.
2. Health→L.A. is the most health-consious city in the world, so I shouldn't worry about my raw-food, no-salt, no-animal related food diet. 
3. My daughter→Though she had school, I decided to take her with me, and celebrate her birthday there!

It's really up to how you take things, isn't it? It's all about giving "permissions" to yourself. The key is, once you decided, don't doubt about it, or simply cancel it if you can't feel good about your decision.

I was reading about testimonials/healing stories of both Lola's and Dr.Schulze's to be inspired how they cured from various illnesses and became happier. 

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