Thursday, June 13, 2013

16 Responsibility as a Single Mom?

The answer always lies within your heart.
Against all odds, I still believed in natural cure, as there really are many people who cured from their serious diseases, and I wanted to give it a try for myself.

Meanwhile, from all the objections, this was the hardest one:
"You have to be responsible for your health because you have a child to take care of!"

This made me feel like I was selfish to avoid "legitimate" treatment. But I finally came down to what felt just right for me:

"I want to defeat cancer on my own and live happily, and I will show my child how I do it!"

There, I am responsible for myself and my child.

 decided to try Dr.Schulze's Detox Program for physical approach, and for spiritual approach, to take Skype sessions with Lola Jones, who is a founder of  "Divine Openings"which I had been largely influenced by and helped already at the time.

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