Saturday, June 22, 2013

23. How do you deal with unhappy periods? 2. Effective Questions

2. Effective Questions

Here is another great learning from Divine Openings that I would like to share. 
If you feel OK enough, try some of these Effective Questions to see if they raise your spirits.

We ask questions which open up possibilities and stimulate our mind vs limiting and discouraging to shift our attention to positive/bright side. 
By that, we head to positive/bright side because we are designed to head to where we look at by nature.

How do we do it?
Simply throw questions like below, and smile, and forget about them. (The key it to do everything so lightly without getting attached)

- How can I attract something wonderful, which will make me feel full of life?

- How would it feel to dramatically swing to the bright side?

- Where is the magic switch I can turn on to make the world a brighter place?

- What if this is a major clean-up for me and I can start fresh?

- Where are the people who are waiting for me?

See any difference in your vibration?
Human can only do a little, but US, the unlimited being, the large self, can do the work in the subconscious level. Your subconscious may lead you to the answer while you forget about it.

Just be careful not to ask scary questions like, "Why can't I do it right?", "What if I can' make it?", "How dare...", "How many times..." , those will only make you feel worse.

You might encounter a couple more bumps afterwards, that might discourage you and make you think, “see, things are not getting any better.”

But those could be reflections from the low-vibration stage in the past. Be patient and try to react neutral until the typhoon passes.

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