Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11 "Don't fight cancer, or don't make it your enemy."

I kept myself busy until the surgery date. Had fun planning menus based on Rotation Diet in advance, preparing separate menu for my child, reading and researching, doing spiritual exercises including meditation, and job searching. Appreciated every single mundane thing that I thought once was normal or took for granted, or even complained about, and all the kind help, information, encouragement I received from friends and family. 

I didn't tell many people about my health status or focus too much about it because I believed that we make reality by giving too much attention to it. I wanted to avoid making my situation a "big deal". 

Anita Moorjani, who miraculously cured from terminal cancer by Near Death Experience stated, 

"Don't fight cancer, or don't make it your enemy." 

I totally agree with her, and nowadays I almost forgot about it. It opened up a door to me to the deep within, and by communicating with myself better, feeling all the feelings I had avoided, I succeed step by step with joy. 

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