Saturday, June 15, 2013

19 My iMac and me

Something symbolic and funny happened. 
I had a 4 year-old iMac at the time, and it kept shutting down with nasty groaning noise. I asked around and researched for the cause in vain, and ended up replacing with a new one. (Another painful investment!)

Luckily, a friend wanted to take the old one, so instead of paying to recycle, I was going to pack it neatly to send it off COD. When taking the old iMac off my desk, I saw the back of it for the first time since I set it up there. There I saw, the big black fluffy round thing stuck in the back of the monitor!

Good Heavens! That was something I subconsciously  avoided to look. How strange that no one including myself detected this for the cause! It was as simple as I forgot to clean the vent until my poor iMac ended up groaning in overheat.

I was plucking the thick dust from the vent and thinking, ”Now it should work just like new over there!"

How funny it's so simple but takes this much to realize.  It's just like me, over the years my heart was slowly getting stuffed with stress, overlooked for so long, and now is the major clean-up time.

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